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The cost-effective solution for safer helicopter missions

The Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer (FNPT II) is based on the single engine helicopter H125.

The FNPT II simulator aims at improving crew skills, situation awareness and decision making. This innovative solution provides pilots with a realistic training, which generates distinctive flight scenarios. This new simulator’s flight loop meets all standards and performances criteria required by the SACAA - South African Civil Aviation Authority.


HD areas have been implemented to immerse the trainee into highly realistic missions:
  • Landing on a moving or fixed yacht
  • Proceed with the right approach towards oil rigs
  • Perform landings on helipads on a pier or hospital roof


  • Increase mission proficiency through recurrent simulation training while avoiding risks and incidents related to helicopter training flights
  • Reduce potential human errors
  • Lower your operating costs
  • Take advantage of our instructors experience and expertise
  • Benefit from a complete training solution within Airbus Helicopters Training Services, from ground to flight instructions.

    Full scale replica of the H125 modern cockpit instrumentation including VEMD, GPS GNS 430 and full IFR capabilities (Radio Altimer, Artificial Horizon, HIS, RMI, VOR/DME/ILS/, transponder)
  • Dual flight controls
  • Visual displays: 40° vertical x 160° horizontal field of view
  • Very detailed visual cues: realistic reproduction of numerous flight conditions in real time (i.e.: IFR, weather conditions, system failures)
  • Instructor Operator Station (IOS) designed to control all instructional functions: meteorological conditions, environment (i.e.: mountain, sea, airport, offshore, days to nights transitions) and simulated aircraft malfunctions.

  • Degraded Visual Environment: be ready to face any critical situation by training yourself in low visibility with bad weather recovery, unusual positions and spatial disorientation
  • Emergency procedures: complete various emergency procedures, such as Engine Flame Out, Autorotation, Vortex, Ring State, Hydraulic System Failure or Total Electric Failure during night flight
  • VFR / IFR procedures: operate in bad weather conditions and practice more complex instrument approaches
  • Confined areas: experience landings in various locations such as mountains, urban fields or helipads
  • Mountain Flight: learn to apprehend a mountainous environment with helicopter degraded performances


  • Offered on a wet lease basis.
  • Location: Airbus Helicopters, Grand Central Airport, Midrand
  • Affordable accommodation in close proximity.
  • Separate briefing and de-briefing room.