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Airbus Helicopters continually expands its products and services portfolio according to customer requirements – a mission the company is committed to upholding.


Featured Services
  • Parts by the Hour (PBH): New service for the H125
  • Secured Services: Airbus Helicopters launches new services to secure repair lead times.
  • eTechpub gets a makeover: The new interactive reader makes maintenance preparation easy.
  • Customer Data Analytics: Analyze your data and better manage your fleet.
  • Upgrades Catalog: Peruse our new standard upgrades at competitive prices.
  • SAR Training: Airbus Helicopters and Priority 1 Air Rescue team together for search and rescue (SAR) mission training.

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EC175 and EC145 T2
  • Airbus Helicopters is ready to support its newest aircraft.

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Featured Services

New Parts by the Hour (PBH) service for the H125

Airbus Helicopters’ newly redesigned HCare service offer includes a new Parts by the Hour (PBH) program for H125 customers with very competitive pricing, no upfront payment for new contracts, and the option for a nose to tail coverage (Full by the Hour, FBH).

This package is the solution of choice for customers who want to plan and control their expenses, an enhanced fleet availability and to reduce their administrative burden.

Secured Services

Secured Services: Airbus Helicopters launches new services to secure repair lead times.

Airbus Helicopters’ new extended Secured Standard Exchange policy responds to the needs of customers whose missions require maximum availability, offering them the possibility of immediately exchanging a part needing repair or overhaul with another serviceable part.

The result is optimal operational availability and minimal maintenance downtime – enabling operators to keep their aircraft in the air.

Ecureuil family helicopters are the first to benefit from the extended policy of Secured Standard Exchange both for dynamic components and equipment, before extension to other aircraft in the Airbus Helicopters range.

The new Secured Turnaround Time (TAT) service, of 45 days for equipment repair and overhaul, eases customer maintenance operations, reduces downtime and provides better predictability.

This service first focuses on equipment for Dauphin and Super Puma helicopter families, currently covering 400 part numbers, and ensures customers that a serviceable part will be available for them after 45 days, regardless of the normal repair cycle.

The secured TAT will be further expanded over the course of the coming year to the rest of the commercial range and to a wider range of items, including dynamic components.

“With these steps, we are ‘going the extra mile’ by giving customers peace of mind and taking strong commitments to secure their operations,” said Matthieu Louvot, Airbus Helicopters’ Senior Vice President of Support and Services. “This is being achieved by continuously improving helicopter reliability and availability, as well as strong investments in the performance of our logistic and repair system.”

eTechpub gets a makeover: The new interactive reader makes maintenance preparation easy

Airbus Helicopters has launched a new interactive viewer for eTechpub to simplify maintenance preparation work for customers.

This simple solution with a user-friendly interface allows customers to access the latest issue of any on-line publication and easily navigate between publications and work cards.

All technical content related to a particular subject within the eTechpub database is connected via a network of live links.

The viewer is already available through Keycopter and will progressively cover the entire helicopter range throughout mid-2015.

Among many advanced functions, customers will be able to:

  • Find any word (including part number) with its powerful full-text search engine;
  • Share remarks at the company level with the “semi-public” notes function;
  • Prepare a list of spare parts to order; and
  • Use the print basket to prepare a PDF file containing work cards.
Customer Data Analytics

Customer Data Analytics: Analyze your data and better manage your fleet.

Airbus Helicopters’ data analytics service enables operators to identify areas of possible improvement by mapping their own information against fleet-wide helicopter data.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as spares availability in certain stations and predictable maintenance actions, provide operators with meaningful data to compare to their operations, maintenance and events.

Customers can monitor this data via a personalized dashboard with visualizations; access automated KPIs to control operations; conduct business simulations; and prepare smarter forecasts and plans.

Upgrades catalog

Upgrades catalog: Discover our new standard upgrades at competitive prices.

Airbus Helicopters recently unveiled its new standard upgrades catalog. The resource contains around 150 standard upgrade solutions based on service bulletins (SBs) and supplemental type certificates (STCs) in categories such as accessories, airframe upgrades and cabin systems, among many others.

The standardization of such services – including the preparation of kits and dual EASA and FAA certifications – enables shorter lead times, higher competitiveness and greater maintenance efficiency.

These standard upgrades are now available via eOrdering on Keycopter. Additionally, an easy-to-use automatic quotation and research tool for off-the-shelf kits will go live in the first quarter of 2015. This evolution of the Keycopter eOrdering process allows customers to obtain a quotation in a matter of minutes.

SAR Training

SAR Training: Airbus Helicopters and Priority 1 Air Rescue team together for search and rescue (SAR) mission training.

With courses for both pilots and crew, this mission training combines the full resources of Airbus Helicopters as one of the world's leading rotorcraft manufacturers with the emergency response instruction capabilities of Priority 1 Air Rescue, a leader as well in its domain.

"Ensuring the highest levels safety for operators is an essential element of Airbus Helicopter's support and services strategy," explained Hervé Berriet, General Manager of the Airbus Helicopters Training Center. "By joining with Priority 1 Air Rescue, we are providing world-class SAR training across the full range of missions flown by our operators - wherever they may be in the world."

Courses offered include SAR mission planning, hoist operation, flood/swift water rescue, mission mountain/vertical surface cliff rescue, maritime boat/vessel rescue, basic mission fast-rope, basic mission rappelling/abseiling, air medical evacuation, and basic utility external load operations/ aerial firefighting missions.

"Our teaming with Airbus Helicopters ensures that customers receive instruction of the highest quality, adapted to their specific needs," said Brad Matheson, the President of Priority 1 Air Rescue.


and EC145 T2

Supporting the Newest Members of the Range

Airbus Helicopters has developed comprehensive support packages for its latest rotorcraft. These offerings build upon the company’s extensive experience gained from across the helicopter range. Highlights include:

Reduced maintenance workload:

The EC175 was developed applying a maintenance support concept (MSG3), derived from the airline sector with continuous input from customers. The MSG3 minimizes the maintenance burden and ensures safety – thus offering higher operational availability.

Maintenance for the EC175 and EC145 T2 is continuously improved based on operational feedback and through the proactive Living Maintenance Review Board (MRB) process.


A number of training solutions have been deployed. These include the flight navigation procedure trainer (FNPT), full flight simulator (FFS), and helicopter mock-ups for training of mechanics and technicians.

Today: EC175 FNPT and FFS in Marignane; EC175 and EC145 T2 technician training via a rotorcraft mockup and maintenance rigs.

By 2016: Greater proximity to customers with an EC145 T2 Level D FFS, and an EC175 Level D FFS in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

On-site assistance:

A dedicated technical help desk is available 24/7 for immediate support.

Technical representatives are ready for dispatch to customers’ premises.

On-site assistance can be provided for technical support, training, operations, maintenance and logistics.

Material support:

Central spares stock to support the entry-into-service phase

Additional spares inventories positioned locally

Competitive by-the-hour services

System and software support:

Ability to self-load software upgrades (tools and kit packages supplied with the aircraft)

Help desk for quick troubleshooting

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